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GROWSTAR (CN with Boron)

Composition : 100 % water soluble fertilizer

Major Crops : Can be used for all crops as per the deficiency noticed

Benefits :
It gives a nutritional boost to the crop that gives increased yield, better resistance to pest and diseases, increased drought tolerance and improves crop quality
It provides Nitrogen in Ammonical and Nitrate form, water soulble Calcium and Boron to the plants
Best for use as soil application Drenching Fertigation etc.

Key Features :
High purity, 100 % water soluble
Very low salt index
Sodium and chloride free
No heavy metals
Balanced nutrient composition

Dose/acre : 5-6 Kg, 2-3 times

Disclaimer : This Product information is provided for reference purposes only. We recommend to always read and follow label directions for the use of specific product. The information and any recommendations in this webpage are presented based on field trials and SWAL Corporation Limited makes no warranty as to the completeness or accuracy of the information and in no event will be responsible for damages of any nature, whatsoever, resulting from the use of or reliance on this information.