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Zeba® is a patented, biodegradable starch based superabsorbent that absorbs and releases water as needed by plants. Zeba® helps growers produce consistently high quality, more yield by efficient use of water and nutrients

Zeba® Features

  • Natural cellulose based biodegradable super absorbent technology
  • Made from natural cornstarch
  • Absorbs more than 500 times its weight in water, and releases up to 95% of held moisture back to the plant. Will hydrate and re-hydrate over and over throughout a growing season. (subject to soil type, temperature, moisture)
  • Increases soil porosity and structure

Zeba® Advantages

  • Greater absorption capacity
  • ‘Loose’ hydrogen bond, providing superior ‘water release’

Zeba® Benefits

1. Improves Water & Nutrient use Efficiency

  • Increases soil’s moisture content, retention and supply to vegetation
  • Increases soil porosity for improved passing of water and oxygen
  • Keeps plants cooler, increasing photosynthesis rate
  • Helps plant to protect leaching effect of nutrients thereby increasing nutrients uptake

2. Increases Crop Yields

  • Increases plant quality and yields
  • Improves plant survival rate during critical development periods
  • Greatly improves rate of seed germination and emergence
  • Eliminates moisture stress in plants, creating larger plant biomass
  • Creates more rigorous root development
  • Improves plant survival rate during transplanting

3. Environmentally, Socially, Economically Responsible

  • Biodegradable and safe for all plants and vegetables

Disclaimer : This Product information is provided for reference purposes only. We recommend to always read and follow label directions for the use of specific product. The information and any recommendations in this webpage are presented based on field trials and SWAL Corporation Limited makes no warranty as to the completeness or accuracy of the information and in no event will be responsible for damages of any nature, whatsoever, resulting from the use of or reliance on this information.